It’s an art form, a craft, a tradition, a discipline, a form of worship. Handed down from generation to generation, the beautiful and unique art of Islamic tile mosaics (or Jellij) encompasses so many facets of both the practical and spiritual. Recently, scholars not just of art but such diverse fields as mathematics, engineering and computer science have begun to study the complicated patterns and designs of Jellij. Some of the world’s most amazing examples of Jellij can be found in Morocco. Inspired by Roman mosaics, Moroccan artisans began creating their own versions of the tiled patterns as far back as the 11th century. They began simple, with earthy shades of brown and white, but over the centuries expanded their palette to include reds, yellows, greens, blues and now more modern colours like turquoise and rose. Their striking designs can be seen covering the water fountains, interior walls, mosques and tombs of Morocco where the craft is very much alive today. so spelled zellig or "zilij". All of the Moroccan Mosaic Zelij is produced in the historic city of Fez. Our Moroccan mosaic artisan begins by hand-cutting the 4"x4" square piece of mosaic tile into the desired shape. Then, just like a puzzle, each piece of mosaic/Zellij is placed face down to create the mosaic pattern. The Moroccan mosaic is sold by the foot, in 12"x12" square or custom sizes.